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My name is Dellany Anderson I had been interested in photography for many years but have never thought I would be good enough to make it a profession. With no family connections and really no idea where to start, I sought out photographers who I admired and got a job at a photography studio as an editor.

After I completed hours and hours of training, practicing and shadowing I was promoted as a photographer. After a while, I finally started considering myself a photographer in 2013 . I do not have any formal degree in photography, I didn’t sit in front of a computer or listen to a professor, I went out and learned first hand from the best. I worked hard and critiqued myself until I knew that I possessed what it took to be a professional photographer. although it wan’t the easiest path to take, I wouldn’t trade the learning experiences and the friends I made along the way  for anything.

Sometimes I wonder why I worked so hard to learn the skill of this trade. Why did I eagerly sought after the masters knowledge? I have yet to decide only this, Photography is my passion. Photography is history, it literally allows us to freeze time, remind us of our past and help us move towards the future. Photography possesses the ability to help individuals, couples and families remember what once was.

I get to capture memories that will last a lifetime in the form of an image and with that image, you will be able to recreate a moment with all six of your senses. When you request my services I know that you are trusting me to create those images, to freeze this special chapter in your life. You want me to do it because you like how i freeze time. you like my style, trust my professional opinion and embrace my creativity. My art is what you want, so that you can remember those important times in your life. You are not just a paycheck or another file on my hard drive, you become my family and friends and I truly want to do my best for YOU. I want to create art that you will want to last for a lifetime.


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Address: West Jordan, Utah : Available to travel
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